You are prior to any thought and this has always been the case… new MJ Awakening Blog


Can that which is seeing be seen? Can that which is hearing be heard? Can that which is feeling be felt?

Allow your attention to rest not on thoughts, but on the empty, changeless, shapeless, colorless space all thoughts appear in. In other words, learn to discriminate between thoughts and that which is aware of thoughts. One moves, comes and goes, the other does not. You are not a thought. You are prior to any thought and this has always been the case.

Michael Jeffreys


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  1. I am beginning to understand that Reality is everything that there is – including thoughts/no-thoughts, feelings/no-feelings, objects/no-objects, states/non-states, etc. Eternal Life is just life-ing or being whatever exists or seems no to exist. I am all there is but I am not exclusively or limited to: thoughts, feelings, objects, states, conditions, events, etc. So long as I stay identified as me, Infinite Consciousness or Life, etc. I will not get exclusively bogged down in and as: the ego, body, mind, emotions, senses, perceptions, behaviors, reactions, etc. which bring about suffering or unhappiness.

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