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A common “trap” on the pathless path of self-realization is upon hearing that your true nature is consciousness, to then try to imagine yourself as being consciousness. But this doesn’t and cannot work. Why? Because consciousness, you, are nondual.

So, if there is a “me” trying to imagine itself as being “consciousness,” then what? Then there are two “things” and I am in mind, duality. But if what I already am is nondual that means I can only realize myself not by thinking about myself, but by simply being myself. And since I already am myself, that means there is nothing I need do to get to myself.

I can’t arrive at a place I’ve never left; I can only recognize that fact or ignore it and keep trying to get there.

Michael Jeffreys


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  1. Nice concise post! It’s our focus. The consciousness is always there…but only certain aspects are believed or focused on. Uncomfortable, because part of this requires a defocusing to find “it.” This is hard for the Western mind-set so used to pushing the river, getting it done, apprehending, doing. This is more like opening up to a great ineffable mystery, which of course makes most just cock their heads in dismay or incredulity. But it’s there…

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