Unlike thoughts You, Consciousness, do not come or go… new MJ Awakening Blog

You, Consciousness, do not come and go. On the other hand, thoughts are endlessly coming and going. One changes, the other does not. If I identify with “my” thoughts, then I believe I can change. (Note that we are not talking about our “personality/persona,” which is continuously changing according to whatever thoughts are arising.)
But what if I do not identify with thoughts? How? By noticing that they appear to me and then disappear to me. So me, what I AM, is always here, unchanging, and open to receive the next thought or feeling.

So only if I identify with a thought’s contents can I “get into trouble” (And only apparently, but never in actuality. Why? Because you can only think/believe you’ve changed, but you are made of changeless-ness so that you are always aware of every apparent change! Again, in order for there to be change, something has to be aware of this. This awareness, YOU, cannot change as what would be aware of this change??)

Consciousness is attribute-less and thus part-less. Thoughts are made of attributes and thus parts. One is always changing and the other never changes.

See the difference?

Michael Jeffreys

p.s. And now is it not obvious why you can never lose awareness (nor gain it) …because it’s what you are.

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