How would you explain to a wave that its sense of separation from the ocean was an illusion? new MJ Awakening Blog

ocean wave
Q: Why is what you post about so seemingly hard to see?
MICHAEL: Because it’s all there is. It’s the source of everything and as such there is nothing to compare it to. Imagine if a sense of separation arose in a wave and it thought it was separate from the ocean. How would you explain to the wave that the sense of separation is an illusion? That even though it thinks/feels itself to be separate from everything, that does not make it so.
What’s needed is some serious investigation by the wave to see if it is truly separate or if the sense of separation is an illusion.
Q: Ok, so how would a wave go about doing this?
MICHAEL: By being quiet and noticing that thoughts have no ability to divide anything. They are a superimposition on that which is not claiming any division.
Q: Yes, but everything looks and feels so different!?
MICHAEL: The classic Vedanta example is that although a gold ring, necklace and bracelet all look different in form, they are all made of exactly the same substance, gold. It’s the one appearing as the many, but only in appearance, not realty.
Q: How will seeing this help the wave?
MICHAEL: Because it will realize its belief that it was a separate wave in the first place was never correct, never the actuality of things. And when it truly sees that it was only ever ocean, those thoughts that used to stir up so much doubt and confusion will no longer hold any power. And in the absence of doubt and confusion, causeless peace and happiness are revealed to be ever-present, but was not noticed/experienced due to attachment to/identification with illusory thoughts.

See for yourself… can you have a problem without a thought?


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