Is happiness/love/peace really located in objects? new MJ Awakening Blog

money, car, house        If happiness/love/peace were actually in objects, then once you had the desired object, you should always experience those states. But as we’ve all experienced, repeatedly, eventually the object “loses” its ability to make us feel happiness/love/peace.

And so the ego seeks for a new object so that it can regain those feelings that it believes the object will give it. Wash, rinse, repeat. Endlessly.

Q: How do we break the cycle of seeking objects?

First, notice it doesn’t work. Secondly, we can begin to question the underlying assumption that objects have the ability to actually bring us what we truly desire.

Q2: Am I sure that happiness/love/peace actually
comes from ANY object in the first place?

For example, yes, I am happier when I get the new car, but is the happiness/love/peace really located in the car??

Q3: And if it isn’t “in” the object, where does
the happiness/love/peace come from??

Michael Jeffreys


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  1. Dopamine? 🙂

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