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At last night’s  West LA weekly Satsang, one of the topics I touched upon was how Reality means real which means unchanging. If something comes then it will go and so we can discard it as not being real since it is impermanent. Just like last night’s dream came and went and so is not reality, so too with the “day-time” dream. The body is born, “day-time” dream begins and body dies, and so it will end. Thus “day-time” dream is not reality either.

Seeing this is the end of seeking, for suddenly it can dawn that Reality is not available in dream 1 (day time) or dream 2 (night time).

Reality doesn’t come or go or change. Thus, if it changes or moves, we can discard it. Since everything in the dream changes and moves, we know it is not Reality. And yet, far from being negative or pessimistic, seeing this actually puts the dream into proper perspective! Once a dream is recognized for what it is, a dream from no one for no one, you stop trying to get from it what it can never give you, i.e., peace, happiness, contentment, etc.

And in realizing this you turn to the ever present stillness within, that which doesn’t come or go, nor has ever moved, and you recognize your true nature IS unalloyed peace, happiness and contentment.

Michael Jeffreys

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