You, like the screen, are prior to all appearances… new MJ Awakening Blog


What you inherently are and have always been never changes. Self Realization is seeing clearly that you are neither this or that (neti-neti). All objects, phenomena come and so will go. The screen never moves… only the images projected on it appear to move.

You, like the screen, are prior to all appearances, including that of your body, mind, thoughts, feelings, perceptions, memories, ideas, concepts, beliefs, etc.

When we are ignorant of our true nature we suffer, because we are identifying with a limitation, a temporary appearance, something that comes and so will go. But what is effortlessly aware of every appearance cannot itself be an appearance! This is the inquiry that must be confirmed for yourself. Nobody can do this for you.

What You already are has never come and thus can never go. You are eternal.

Michael Jeffreys


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  1. Thsnk you!!

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