What effortlessly & silently observes the endless parade of passing appearances? new MJ Awakening Blog

mardi gras

Trying to fix, understand, analyze, change, improve, make go away, etc. (ANYTHING!) in regards to the me, ego, sense of separate self, etc. gets you exactly nowhere.

What to do then? Simply see it. Notice it. What is it on about in this moment? Take a look. See that. Now, if you are aware of the selfing, then you cannot be the selfing. Just like if you are watching a parade go by, then you know that you are not in the parade–you are what is effortlessly observing it.

Same with the “me” appearance. Since you are what sees or is aware of the thought, feeling, sensation, sound, etc. (any movement) then you know you are not in it, just like you are not in the parade that’s passing by.

Silent Meditation Inquiry:

What is the idea of who I take myself to be appearing to?

Are not all changes, all comings and goings, (not really here long enough to actually be anything solid or concrete) appearing to that which never comes or goes or changes?

Michael Jeffreys


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