I saw Paul Hedderman last Saturday night… new MJ Awakening Blog

Paul Hedderman and MJ 4-30-16 Cafecito Organico, Silverlake, CA cropped

I saw Paul Hedderman last Saturday night at Cafecito Organico in Silverlake, CA. He is like a firehose of nonduality… he just rapid fires so many direct pointers (mostly from Ramana Maharshi, Huang Po, and the big book from AA, along with his own rap) that some are bound to get through so they will be “entertained” as Paul says.

His message is simple and clear: YOU ARE ALREADY THAT WHICH YOU SEEK. You are wholeness itself. The “self” is a parasite that claims to be You, and once the “foreign installment” is believed, then comes the seeking to get rid of it.

The imaginary self lives in imaginary past-future, (in what’s NOT happening) where it claims EVERYTHING for itself. These are “my” thoughts, “my” feelings, “my” ideas, etc. A thought is just a thought until it becomes “my” thought. Suddenly, it feels totally different when those two letters are added to anything.

But if the self is seen not to exist, to be an illusion, then the problem is seen to be non-existent in which case no solution is needed. That’s the relief. You don’t need to be free because you were never bound.

btw, As we were taking this picture, Paul informed me that he doesn’t like to smile for photos. All I could do was smile at him.

Michael Jeffreys


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