The sense of a “me” is not personal… new MJ Awakening Blog


The sense of a “me” is not personal. It is simply an appearance which comes and goes. Like the hair that grows out of your skin, a bird flying through the sky, or the wind blowing, it’s 100% impersonal. It simply seems to appear until it doesn’t. No “one” is doing it. And this applies to everything.

There is nothing separate (which is another word for “personal”) in wholeness. There is only whatever is presently arising…. but it’s not happening to or for anyone. It’s simply what’s happening.

Even “suffering” can arise, but that too is never personal. It’s only ever what it is, but it’s not to/for anyone. The “suffering” doesn’t belong to anybody. 

Michael Jeffreys

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  1. I love that your blogs are sort and to the point. Enjoying them very much. Thank you.

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