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QUESTION: “I am very much awake, I am very aware of my vibration and how to not let lower vibrations bring mine down. What I am finding is that I’m like a magnet, you are either drawn to my me, or you can’t stand my presence. Is it my high vibration that some find unsettling?”

MICHAEL: Nonduality points at the inherent wholeness of all that is. Thus, the idea of a “you” who has a vibration (be it high or low) is already a division, already two things. In Reality there is no separation. Thus the idea that there is a “you” who can have or control ANYTHING is just that, an idea which is being believed in/identified with.

Can you actually find this “me” that is aware of “your” vibration? Often people will report that it “feels like me.” However, a feeling is NOT the same thing as an actual separate entity. It is simply a feeling.

However, even if identification is running, even that’s not a problem! Why? Because that’s just what’s happening! You simply cannot escape whatever is presently happening, because that’s ALL that’s happening. But, you can NOTICE that whatever is happening is not personal. How could it be if there is no separation, as who/what can be separate from all that is??


QUESTION: “Is the Course in Miracles exercises conducive to non duality and waking up? I have been using them to a beneficial effect in seeing existence.”

MICHAEL: There are no rules to any of this. There is only whatever is happening. Like many seekers, I was into ACIM for several years until I realized that the seeking itself was the problem! Why? Because seeking is the “me’s” dismissal of THIS, of whatever is arising, which is the only thing there is!!!

And THIS cannot be understood or figured out, which is exactly what keeps the seeking going, the idea that “someday I will get this.” The recommendation here is to notice how the “me” is constantly attempting to avoid this moment, which again is all that is, for some imaginary moment in the future, which isn’t! The “me” is looking for its own personal awakening, which is simply not available in wholeness, where there is no separation.


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  1. Wow incredible. Thank you so much, your answers to these questions are very insightful, and sound very accurate to ACIM. I’ve been hearing the message a lot recently – to stop seeking. It’s taking a little while to sink in but your comment about noticing the ‘me’ that is constantly attempting to avoid this moment, has helped a lot. Cos’ that’s all it is! Thank you 🙂 With love, Sharon

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