Nonduality is not saying you are Awareness or Consciousness… new MJ Awakening Blog


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Even referring to oneself as “my true nature,” or “Self” with a capital S, or “Awareness” or “Consciousness,” is still a mind made identity.

Notice that these words still contain a dualistic split: Awareness and that which it is aware of; Consciousness and that which it is conscious of, etc.

However, what the nondual message is pointing to is that there isn’t a “self” there in the first place to be anything! So there is nothing there, no actual entity, to be a true nature, or a higher Self, or Awareness or Consciousness.

There is simply THIS, whatever is arising. So if a thought is arising, then that’s what’s happening, but to no one. Feelings arise, but to no one. Sounds arise, but to no one. Confusion arises, but to no one. Annoyance arises, but to no one.

So Life is not happening to “you.” There is simply Life happening, without any separation, which leaves nothing out.

-Michael Jeffreys

2 Responses

  1. Michael I found this post below so helpful . I struggle with the quote from your blog in the About section that says ” The peace and rest we all seek is in/as the timeless space of now, not its ever-changing contents.”

    I am confused. Isn’t the ” timeless place of now ” the same as “pure awareness” ? This point drives me mad! Any clarification you can make would be most appreciated if you have time Regards Pamela

  2. It’s not in the words Pamela… when you drop ALL words, what is left?

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