How to SUFFER: Identify with what You are not… new MJ Awakening Blog

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If you are suffering, it’s because You are IDENTIFYING with what You’re not. Some temporary form or appearance. You are mistaking the appearance in the “movie” as You. If You are what is seeing an appearance, than that appearance CANNOT actually be YOU. (Full stop!)

What You are is always here and always free. Seeing this with perfect clarity reveals the inherent freedom in every moment. You can never NOT be the seeing, but you can be unclear about your actual position and believe that the “movie” has to do with You, try to fix or change the “movie,” and thus continue to suffer.

Where is Your allegiance? Where is Your attention? Involved in the “movie,” or in that which is AWARE of it? You can’t serve two masters. As long as you are unclear, you are still divided and with inner-division comes suffering.

-Michael Jeffreys & Daniel Litvak 


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  1. How is that about being involved in that which is aware of the “movie”? How can that be done? I guess there is no “point” to fix the attention on? So what to do then?

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