The Horizontal represents TIME, the Vertical the TIMELESS… new MJ Awakening Blog

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QUESTION from The West LA Satsang: Would Michael or Dan speak to the use of the terms Vertical and Horizontal in Non-Dual teachings?           -Carol Ring

ANSWER: Yes. These are two extremely important concepts which most people are unaware. Think of a cross. The horizontal axis represents time-space. It’s where the life of the action figure, your body, does whatever it does. Without time-space, the horizontal, nothing could happen, as all action requires a “place” to unfold and requires time to unfold.

The vertical axis represents the timeless. It’s your true nature, that which does not come and go. It’s the unborn. You are always seeing from this timeless place, but don’t realize it. How do you know this? Because You don’t come and go. You are always here. You never move.

The “place” where the two points intersect is the Now. The one who is awakened sees this with perfect clarity and is no longer fooled by the mind’s imaginings/stories, which are always rooted in past-future, always about what’s NOT happening. Now is all there ever truly IS. Whatever is happening. Just THIS.

-Michael Jeffreys



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