More Real Than Anything Else… new MJ Awakening Blog


One way to speak of awakening is the spontaneous realization that you were suffering from a severe case of “mistaken identity.” To wit, because you identified with/as the false, you didn’t realize you have been the Real all along!

You have never come or gone… you simply are. That which you identified with, that which comes and goes, no longer feels like you. It feels like a story or a costume or role, but never you. A hallucination, a life long assumption, that felt very real is suddenly seen through.

When this “release” happens, you physically feel lighter, freer, more expansive, more loving and more compassionate. You recognize your true nature to be something that has always been right here, looking out your eyes, for every moment of your existence.

In other words, it suddenly dawns on You that You are Reality, You are God, You are Universal Consciousness, You are alive Awareness, You are pure Being, You are Truth itself. And you deeply get this, not as a word or concept or intellectual understanding, but as a stone cold fact! More real than anything else.

-Michael Jeffreys


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