If you can stand by what you said, than what you said can’t be you… new MJ Awakening Blog

words are not you

Today I saw a comment under a youtube video that proclaimed: “I still stand by what I said,” and immediately it was seen here to be a beautiful nondual pointer.

Because if you can stand by what you said, then what you said CANNOT be you. There’s you and there’s what was said. Two things. One comes and goes and the other does not. (Yes, the body comes and goes, but you are NOT your body… you are what is AWARE of the body.) And this applies to everything you think or say. Nothing you think or say can ever truly be You. Why? You don’t come or go, what you say/think does. Notice this… let it sink in.

What are the ramifications? One is the realization that whatever is spoken or thought is not nearly as significant as the clear, conscious recognition of its always ever-present Source. And the Source is PRIOR to any thought about the Source. Thus it can’t be understood via thought, but it can be wordlessly/silently intuited directly, here/now.

-Michael Jeffreys

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