THOUGHTS are never a problem… new MJ Awakening Blog


THOUGHTS are never a problem. Truly. The “problem” stems not from the thought itself, but because we mistakenly believe it has to do with/is about us. The reason we suffer when we believe our thoughts is because the “I” every thought implies, is directed toward, refers to, is meant for, i.e., the subject of the thought, DOES NOT ACTUALLY EXIST!

How to see this? Put your FULL/UNDIVIDED ATTENTION on the “me” or the “I” that the thought claims it is referring to. Just observe it. Note: It may try to use boredom or hunger or sleepiness to distract you, but just notice this and keep on observing this supposed subject of your thoughts. This phantom cannot stand the full power of your undivided attention and will be seen to eventually dissolve revealing nothing was actually there. You have always been emptiness itself which allows for the everythingness of whatever is presently happening. And this has always been the case.

-Michael Jeffreys

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