Before you can awaken from the dream, you first have to see it’s a dream… new mj Awakening Blog


Imagine if you tried to find your happiness in your nighttime dreams. That you were convinced that until the dream “improved to what you think/need it to be” you simply cannot be happy. Now apply this to the “daytime or waking dream,” which is what most everyone is doing. And, not surprisingly, we suffer. What’s more, we aren’t even sure why we are suffering. It’s just that nothing seems to bring lasting peace/happiness.

The solution? Waking up from the dream. How? By seeing/noticing that you’ve never been in the dream! Dream is for the body/action figure, not you. But most of us believe that we are in the daily dream just like at night we believe we are in our nightly dream, even though the body is laying safely in bed.

-Michael Jeffreys

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  1. Brilliant! I have been working with the dream reality for some time now and I feel amazing every time I remember. I love that perspective of realisation you’ve never been in the dream! That’ll really help, thank you! With love, Sharon

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