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In the following excerpt, Arian is pointing out something that most people never realize: everything is a concept, a symbol, because that’s how the mind works. For example, think of a pine tree. Now there is no actual pine tree inside your brain, rather there is only and ever an image or symbol that communicates to you, “pine tree.” And this is true for every thought image you know! When we forget this, we end up arguing (with ourselves or others) about whose concept is most right. We are forgetting that the idea of whose concept is “most right” (mine or yours), is also a concept!

That which is AWARE of all concepts is itself not a concept. It just IS… and You are THAT. In fact, You can’t be anything else, which means that no concept actually touches you. -Michael Jeffreys

“It has already been stated that our concepts are inseparably linked with our perception. Everything we see is ultimately a concept. This is because the mind can only process all of the sensual data it receives in a conceptual manner. It functions in this manner in order to try and gain understanding of all of the phenomena in the world.

Our senses are very limited; no one has ever seen what is truly there. All that can be seen is an interpretation of the world that is subject to the limitation of the senses. This data that is seen is then interpreted by the mind . Different organisms can see different things due to the varying capability of senses. One organism’s perception is no more valid than the other. Despite what your senses tell you, no one has any proof that what is seen and experienced is truly how it is beyond one’s limited perception.”

-Arian Herbert (from The God Behind The God)

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  1. This is beautifully explained by term MAYA in Vedanta. MAYA literally means “that which is not”. It mean what appears is not actually present. This Maya has two powers– veiling power and projecting power. Veiling power of Maya veils reality and projecting power projects on to reality. This can be understood by example. The world is sensed through senses, so let’s take one sense, say hearing to understand the above. What happens when a sound is heard? Some energetic vibrations enter the ear and ear drum vibrates to these and converts them to some signals which are transmitted to the brain, which then converts these signals into what we called sound. So the energetic vibrations, which are actually present, are veiled– this is veiling power. Then the sound produced inside the brain is projected outside, and the sound appears to be coming from outside. ( This is similar for all senses) This is physical projecting power of Maya. Due the divine power of Maya, we see the world outside though it is produced inside the brain Then there is also mental projections on to the already projected phisical world. All sorts of concepts are projected on to the physical world.

  2. Welcome michael !

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