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Nothing IS happening, i.e., it is appearing to happen. But that is not the same as actually happening, in a solid, permanent kind of way. ALL is an appearance, not an actuality.

-Michael Jeffreys

P.S. I recently heard Paul Hedderman say on an mp3 of one of his talks that his girlfriend showed him a cartoon that featured two doors. Over the first it said “HEAVEN” and over the second it said “Lecture about HEAVEN,” and all the people were cued up in front of the second door!? šŸ™‚

When it comes to your own awakening, go directly for it. Don’t let talking about it or reading books or watching videos be enough. They can be useful up to a point, but eventually you have to turn within and see it for yourself. See what? That the wholeness you seek is not “out there,” but always available right where you are, here and now… in fact it’s not available anywhere else.

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  1. This hit home in class the other night, but the way you put it here put the baby to bed. It’s true. In direct experience, everything appears to be happening. Any other conclusion is just mind.

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