“All meaning is merely a present appearance.” -Joey Lott …new MJ Awakening Blog


“The deeper in I go, so to speak, the more obvious it becomes that all meaning is merely a present appearance.”

-Joey Lott

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MICHAEL: Whatever is happening is simply what’s happening, including whatever meaning seems to be presently running… for no one. It’s simply what’s happening, including the sense that it’s happening to ‘me.’ (Look directly in this moment and see if you can actually find this ‘me’… it’s like grasping water.)

ARJANEKKE: Even if identification comes up? Or defending of the ego? I tend to feel like i ‘failed’ when that happens..

MICHAEL: Yes Arjanneke. So if a feeling arises, “I reacted to something, I guess that means I am not ‘there’ (wherever the hell that is!?) yet.” can also arise! It’s just what’s happening and is never personal simply because no actual “person” can be found. It doesn’t belong to any ‘one,” as that requires division, separation. If you take a look, you can never find anything separate from THIS, even the sense of “you.”

Ironically, if we just ‘pay it no mind’ it simply, like a passing cloud, moves on by itself. However, it’s our very fixation/ruminating on it that feeds it and appears to keep it running. Fortunately the suffering can become so painful, that you simply no longer care and it’s in that moment of not knowing anything that freedom is revealed to already be the case. It doesn’t require any figuring out, but rather a letting go. It sounds funny, but in a way it’s simply seeing ‘resistance is futile’ and so you stop fighting and just relax into being.

-Michael Jeffreys

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