Can you actually find “the self” that claims there is a problem?? new MJ Awakening Blog


Occasionally, someone will say to me, “Well Michael, if I see that there is “no me,” then I will just lay on the couch eating bonbons all day and not get up!” What is being missed when these kind of comments arise is that there never was a “you”!

Awakening is not making “the self” disappear (how would you even do that!??), rather it’s the clear seeing of what has always been the case. The “self” is a conditioned habitual assumption/feeling, a reference point, that most have simply never really investigated.

Because “the self” usually goes unchallenged, whatever problems it seems to have are taken as “real.” And thus all the focus/energy goes into “solving the problem,” rather then seeing if the one who claims there is a problem really exists. Because if you can’t find the claimant, then how valid is the claim??

-Michael Jeffreys


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