Thoughts refer to an entity called “I” or “me” that cannot actually be found… new MJ Awakening Blog


Thoughts refer to an entity called “I” or “me” that cannot actually be found in direct experience. Note that a feeling of “me” is just that, a pure feeling—not an actual living breathing entity. Furthermore, what exactly is a “me” anyway? Says Geshe Tashi Tsering: “This sense of identity is nothing more than a label placed on the ever-changing collection of the body and mind.”

Since it’s ever-changing, the “me” cannot be pinned down as a single thing or entity. In other words, when you refer to yourself as “me,” exactly which “me” are you referring to? The one that got out of bed this morning? The one 10 years ago? The one 5 minutes ago?

-Michael Jeffreys

One Response

  1. An energy of snow, white ice smacked by sunlight, dissolving into night, cloud , rain , grass becoming Marilyn Monroe who thought: I,, me, ., do you love me? How sad. If only she’d known she didn’t exist. Then, she might have been fearless as starlight, glimmering moonshine on landscapes of ice melting into laughter breathing awake the universe for one brief shining moment , in an space where moments do not exist at all. .

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