Sound (like everything else) is made out of Awareness… new MJ Awakening Blog


The idea that we “hear sound” is an illusion. In your direct experience, you NEVER “hear” sound. For example, if you “hear a train whistle,” that implies that there was the whistling sound that your sense of hearing “picked up” or “was able to perceive” as the train went by. However, until you actually were aware of the train whistle, where was it? Was it “off stage” somewhere, unavailable until you got close enough to hear it? No. Why? Because there is no “off stage”! To believe that sound exists prior to your awareness of it is an assumption!

So, we are not hearing sounds that are “out there” somewhere, “off stage,” waiting to be heard. Rather, sound = hearing, hearing = sound. They are not two. Sound IS hearing, hearing IS sound. There is no “you” who hears sound. The awareness of sound would be all there is to sound. (And even sound itself is ultimately unfindable, and thus a concept! For instance, when there is awareness of a train whistle, I find nothing in it called “sound.”)

-Michael Jeffreys

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  1. the problem in the world seems to be words and their meaning and of course words are sound- in the begining was the word and the word was god- seems god got lost along the way or was it his children got lost in words ?

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