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No “you,” no problem. ~Michael Jeffreys

Facebook comment: “No problem, no you, no free will… and what? Great words, but life for me and others is the same: suffering. We want REAL solutions.”

Michael: A REAL solution for who? Until the self has been investigated, it will continue to apparently make all kinds of claims that will be believed… but who is it that is believing them? Can this one actually be found?

If one is not willing to do self-inquiry, then of course the world seems filled with endless problems. But without a “you,” a problem is NOT possible because there is ONLY what IS. And what IS is never a problem… it is simply what IS.

A few minutes later…

Comment: And how to do self-inquiry? What I have to do? I am willing!!

Michael: Great. Become silent and see if you can find this “I” that you take yourself to be. Yes, thoughts are happening.. but to/for whom? Is this “I” that you feel yourself to be an actual entity, or just a mind made narrative that has been believed because it was not deeply investigated.
For example, many children believe that santa claus really exists because they hear, read about him, and see pics of him… BUT, that does not mean he actually exists as a real person. Same for “you” and “I”… just because a thought appears to have preferences… likes and dislikes… doesn’t mean it refers to an actual person. Beyond the thoughts, can you find anything?

Comment: Only thoughts without a thinker? Who would be awakened then…?

Michael: Exactly! “Awakening” is seeing that there is no one actually present to be awakened or unawakened… there is just what IS!

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