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One of the “keys” to awakening is seeing the inherent meaninglessness of everything. This is NOT being pessimistic or anything of the kind. Rather, it’s simply the nature of everything. For example, because a pine tree is void of meaning, some people like them, some may dislike them and some don’t care one way or the other about them. Same tree, 3 different “meanings.” If the meaning were actually true, for example, if pine trees were inherently the greatest trees on earth, then everyone would feel that way. But they don’t. It’s whatever you think about them… that becomes your experience.

In a way, you could say that everything is a mirror. It reflects back exactly what you think of it. And mirrors themselves are empty, which is why they are free to reflect back whatever is put in front of them. Without “YOU” present to give the object meaning, it simply has none.

How to see this? One way is to watch the labels your mind mentally and habitually slaps on everything and then ask yourself if this is absolutely true? Yes, it may be relatively true, for example, that I like coconut ice cream, but what does that “mean”? Nothing! As lesson one in ACIM says, “Nothing I see… means anything.”

Again, seeing this is not negative or anything of the sort… it’s seeing things as they truly are… and that is the first step toward real freedom.

-Michael Jeffreys

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  1. Things have meaning when they are parts of something relating to its other parts. A totality therefore doesn’t have meaning.

    The meaning of life is that it isn’t about meaning. It is about the totality of being.

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