What spiritual practice will help you awaken the quickest?

spiritual excercises

Sometimes seekers inquire about awakening exercises… things they can do to speed up their awakening process. And therein lies the “problem.” The very idea that awakening is a process. It’s not. It’s clear seeing. A process takes time. Clear seeing occurs in a timeless instant.

It’s more direct than a process because you don’t go anywhere or do anything. You simply look, and in the looking comes the spontaneous knowing. This is beyond words or mind. It’s what you are. It’s the recognition of what you have always been. Why would that take any time?

This is why the only reason for doing ANY spiritual practice is so that eventually it can be seen that it ultimately was a glorious failure! I mean, what exercise could you possibly give someone that would get them to stop seeking for two seconds long enough to notice that THIS is all there is? That nothing is hidden… just THIS, no more no less. Doesn’t that kinda make the exercise of moving closer to something in time moot if all there is is what’s spontaneously happening?

-Michael Jeffreys

2 Responses

  1. Well then, I guess I’m awakened already. Cool beans! That was so easy!

  2. Brilliant – I believe this to be very true as well.
    The things we do to enlighten ourselves further the separation of the truth, meaning we’re only further adding layers of identity because we can’t seem to accept that the simplicity of being is enough.
    I love the wording of it all being a “glorious failure!”
    Great post! 🙂
    ~ Andrea ❤

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