In the Direct Path Teachings, there is no Seeking


In the direct path teachings, one DOES NOT start out from a human perspective and attempt to “get to or find” their true nature, pure Aliveness itself, pure Awareness, pure Consciousness. Why? Because the mere act of looking for it implies what? That it is not already present!! Do you see the conundrum? The moment you seek it, you miss it… It’s like looking for your eyes!!

Instead, START from the perspective of the ONLY thing presently here now, alive infinite Awareness, AND STAY THERE! (If you go to past, even for 1 second, than you are in mind, which is time, and you will only find more concepts. Eventually all concepts are seen to be empty, since they are “about reality,” and not REALITY itself, which is undefinable!)

You are the timeless in which time appears to unfold. There is no where to get to and no one who can get there. There is only alive, infinite, unmoveable, unchangeable, Consciousness here-now-everywhere and nowhere silently BEING. Rest in your already present, undefinable, thoughtless, silent, timeless, nature.

– Michael Jeffreys

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