Awakening and the biggest surprise you will ever experience


In the beginning, awakening is about the end of personal suffering. The “me” we took ourselves to be, with its never ending victim stories, is seen for what it is… self-torture of the highest magnitude! But when this “self” is at last truly seen to be 100% smoke and mirrors, held together by the glue of beliefs, the peace and happiness begin to shine through. And you realize it was here all along, but interest in thoughts kept it covered.

And then comes the greatest surprise you will ever experience…. you have never really seen LIFE. For now everything you look at is seen with love and gratitude, even people who disagree with you, call you names, insult you, are no longer a problem and are not taken personally in the least. ALL is seen as ONE movement. The movement of LIFE. And you are left awe struck that anything is happening at all.

~Michael Jeffreys

2 Responses

  1. Hi Michael, Thank you for your post, I enjoy your writings, and as I have been in
    some rather strange and unhappy mental rubish I have just found my original love

  2. Hi Michael
    Oh, so beautiful: beautifully written and the Truth shies in all its beauty and splendor. Thank you.

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