Nothing Ever Happened

Have you ever noticed that when your computer monitor is turned on (conscious!), you never actually see the monitor itself, but rather ever changing points of colored light in millions of different shades and hues which create an image of EVERYTHING you appear to see, including: huge mountains that appear to stretch for miles, sandy beaches, grey sky, white birds, blue ocean, people (of all colors, ages and sizes), green grass, pouring rain, fast cars, powerful trains, delicate flowers, big trees, green frogs, etc.

But none of these images is actually there, or could be said to exist, beyond the image of it on the screen. In other words, the image you are looking at has no weight to it, even if you are looking at a mountain. The image has no distance to it, even if you are looking at outer-space. The image has no texture to it, even if you are looking at sandpaper.

The illusion looks so real that we forget it’s the play of light on a monitor. However, when you unplug the monitor and look at the dead screen, there is nothing there. Where did all those appearances, movies, stories, facebook posts, you tube videos and thousands of emails go?? Looking at the screen when the computer is off, can you find any evidence that anything ever happened? No.

What if this also applied to the so called world “out there,” the world of phenomenal appearance? That all appearances are just that, appearances. Nothing more. Thus, the highest spiritual understanding: nothing ever happened.

-Michael Jeffreys

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