Question: What are we? Everything? Nothing? Here is My Response



Kim Long writes: 

“Question to you Michael: Many spiritual teachers speak of “THIS” and “THAT”, but often leave out what they really mean. As we exist in a universe, it seems like they are referring to IT, the universe that is. But, are they then saying you are the universe? As if we follow the path that all is awareness, then that awareness must contain the universe. It has to contain the universe as we all can observe, measure and witness the universe. So if all is one, are we then then universes? With the focal point of experiencing being our body/mind complex?”

And here is my response:

Yes Kim…

There is only whatever is spontaneously happening in THE moment… and you are what witnesses this. And that is ALL you do. There is no separate you to have free will or choice for LIFE does/is all. It’s our conditioning, because its what we’ve all been taught and what most of the world still believes, that we keep bumping into. That’s why it’s so important that you only go by your own direct experience… anything else is hearsay, i.e., second hand info, including these words (as far as you’re concerned!)

Mind projects dreams when we sleep and when we are not sleeping… BOTH are the mind’s projections, NOT you! You are what perceives the perceptions… who else!? (meaning there is no one “in there” but YOU! Not a personal you, but a unique point-of-view of the ONE 

The way to see this is to put your attention back on itself. Most of the time we don’t even notice our attention, but only what it is noticing. So, for example, you might notice a person say something and your attention is on the meaning of what they are saying. That is not the same as noticing your ATTENTION itself. Attention is like the “focusing lens” of Consciousness that has the ability to “zoom-in” to its object of interest.

In our example, the key is to notice that your attention shifted to that person’s voice. Stay PRESENT and notice what your attention jumps to next. It happens very fast and usually goes unnoticed!

The point is you are simply noticing WHAT notices, rather than what it is noticing. Just like you have no control over your thoughts (again, upon investigation it can be seen that there is no actual separate “you,” so there is no one to control or not control thoughts!), you may come to notice that you have no control over where your attention goes. It just sort of flits from one thing to another automatically, much like your heart beats automatically, without you having to do anything.

So we can say that on a relative level that everything is you since nothing is you. And from an Absolute point of view nothing ever happened since all happenings are temporary appearances.

-Michael Jeffreys

Comment from Facebook:

Teri Osborne: “How beautiful it must be to ‘see’ this.”

Michael Jeffreys: You are seeing it too Teri (because it’s the only thing here!), but we miss IT because we are lost in the mind’s thought stories. Because it has never come or gone we miss what is always here.


One Response

  1. It is something like sitting in a movie theatre, looking at screen all the time, but attention is on thoughts and images. So screen, in which the movie is appearing, goes unnoticed. It is needed to remember to bring attention to the screen ( awareness) also while attention is on images and stories that life presents.

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