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My new Awakening Community on Facebook is about ONE thing: authentic FREEDOM. How does one ‘become FREE’? By seeing that you were never bound. And how does one do this? By confirming for yourself that YOU were never born. Yes, the body was born, but are YOU your body?

This is something you have to discover for yourself. Be patient with yourself; the years and decades of conditioning took time to acquire, so naturally it usually takes time for them to fall away as you remember or ‘wake up to’ your original, pure, unconditioned Self more and more. We all have a longing to come home to our True Self, which is Wholeness, Freedom, Peace, and Love itself and is not dependent on ANY concept, belief or philosophy. It simply IS.

That which you inherently are has never come or gone, which is why almost everybody overlooks it. We are conditioned to notice change and so we miss the changeless. But it’s right HERE, right NOW! (Where else!?) Think of it this way… if everything changed, there would be nothing that noticed the change! (Please confirm this for yourself).

Let’s let Bodhidharma, who brought Zen to China 1500 years ago, have the last word:

“It has never lived or died, appeared or disappeared, increased or decreased. It’s not pure or impure, good or evil, past or future. It’s not true or false. It’s not male or female. It doesn’t appear as a monk or a layman, an elder or a novice, a sage or a fool, a buddha or a mortal. It strives for no realization and suffers no karma. It has no strength or form. It’s like space. You can’t possess it and you can’t lose it.”

-Michael Jeffreys

p.s. Currently we have 383 members. If the above resonates with you, we would love to have you join us:

Michael Jeffreys’ Awakening Community

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  1. Brilliant idea, I have just joined the group and look forward to following! Thank you! Take care, James

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