A Peace that doesn’t Come and Go

Buddha for mj meetup

Peace reveals itself to be already present as soon as we stop demanding the present moment be a certain way. Said another way, why let what is currently here or NOT here determine whether or not you are at peace? Why link the two? If you say, “Yes, but Michael, I cannot be at peace until X happens,” than you have linked the two.

You have arbitrarily put a severe restriction on yourself, i.e., until the present moment looks like the image in your head, you cannot be at peace… and, Voila!, so it is. And yet, the reverse is also possible… what happens when you don’t put ANY restrictions on your ability to feel the inherent peace that is always here? Only one way to find out.

–Michael Jeffreys


2 Responses

  1. There’s a part of me that still has some serious inner reluctance toward surrendering to this inner peaceful place even though I’ve experienced it more and more over time…. Sure it’s there….and it is always observing every little thing…in the background….behind my thoughts….behind my feelings. This inner voice guides me, it whispers to me…but it doesn’t necessarily tell me what I want to hear, it tells me what I need to hear….it doesn’t necessarily show me what I want to see…but it shows me what I need to see. It’s an all encompassing awareness. At it’s very core it conveys the truth to me…and that truth isn’t all happy blissfulness. It takes a lot of inner courage to enter this place of silence because you’re gonna experience the truth….about everything…about others….about yourself…and while it can be very enlightening and freeing, it is also very painful and even heartbreaking. It’s like taking off the blinders and seeing life for what it is – which at times can be truly horrific but it can also be quite amazing. I find myself cringing sometimes at how vulnerable I can sometimes feel in this silent place…and how at odds I feel with others’ (for lack of a better word) downright craziness. The more I open up to it, the more I have experienced an all-embracing truth with no holds barred. It’s a real reality check…into the true nature of the reality going on around and inside me. I find myself questioning every thought I’ve ever formed in my head about life…about my family….about my job…about my own life….and about myself…and realizing how “conditioned” I’ve been by my upbringing, my experiences, society, etc. I’m going around with beliefs that are not my own – they belong to someone else and have been masquerading as my own – and now I see that and am beginning to question them. When this inner voice whispers to me, it guides me into the deeper nature of myself – of who I really am – and into the true nature of my existence. Some of the insights I’ve had about life…even my own life…can be wonderfully mindblowing and equally devastating all at the same time. I find myself seeing more and more into the deeper nature of things – and while I don’t get flustered as much anymore it can still be unnerving and leave me cringing inside. I find myself looking at life and questioning…..everything…and everyone….and myself as well. Maybe this experience is different for others…but…this has been my own experience.

    • Such a beautiful sharing,thank you!! Would you send me your email address? _/\_

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