The Sheer Artificiality of it All


I decided, for the first time in quite a while, to look at the webpages of CNN, TMZ, and Yahoo again to see if they hit me any differently these days. (I canceled my cable TV about 4 years ago and stopped going to internet news/gossip websites about 4 months ago.) What hit me the most? The sheer artificiality of it all. More than, “Oh, look at all these ‘problems’ they are manufacturing and hanging out there for the ‘fish’ to bite on,” but rather, just the sheer emptiness of it all.

Like fast-food, all the content just felt filled with empty calories and contained nothing substantial, nothing ‘good for you,’ nothing healing, nothing was very deep. All surface accusations and ‘he said, she said.’ First they paint the problem, and then they ask you your opinion of it and you are sucked right in. And before you can leave, another video automatically starts to keep you feeding on the empty calories.

And what we forget is the entire ‘experience’ takes place between our ears. And here’s the kicker: by focusing on what we are NOT, we miss what we ALREADY effortlessly and timelessly are and have always been: pure Consciousness. That which is aware of all forms, but is itself formless.

-Michael Jeffreys


2 Responses

  1. Nice – picture reminiscent of Bentinho Massaro’s short video from Times Square point to all this clamoring for our attention and telling us of our inadequacy (advertising). When you consider that the line between entertainment, advertising and journalism is no nonexistent it is all an “overlay” designed to separate us from Life and one another, and to stay asleep.

  2. I really liked this! So very true.

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