LIFE does not have a PAUSE button


It can be quite a shock when it hits you that LIFE does not have a PAUSE button. That Life is like a river that never,ever, stops flowing. Never. A pause button does not exist. It is simply ALWAYS NOW. Which means that there’s nowhere to get. The only thing “to do” is be present for whatever is currently happening. What else?

-Michael Jeffreys

4 Responses

  1. LIFE does not have a PAUSE button but life has a RE – SET one.

  2. If you take psychedelics, it even has a fast-forward 🙂 but it’s not for everybody

  3. Thanks Michael for the reminder that presence is here always, no matter what I feel or think! What a gorgeous picture!

  4. A great reminder!! For me the what else is to keep breathing and noticing the breath. oxoxo

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