Consciousness, YOU, Never Comes or Goes

green mtns.

The illusion of “self” is perpetuated, kept alive, by seeking. And seeking is another word for FUTURE. And future is NOTHING MORE than a presently arising THOUGHT that says “As soon as X happens, than I will finally have some peace.”

But ask yourself this sincerely: Does the only Consciousness that is PRESENTLY right here and right NOW actually require anything from the future in order to complete itself? To make itself be more PRESENT or more AWARE? When you see this it will blow your head-off because you realize that CONSCIOUSNESS itself, that which is the only thing being Conscious of these words on a computer screen right here and now, NEVER goes anywhere! It’s equally Conscious of a thought that says “I am at peace” as a thought that says, “I am not at peace.” Consciousness never moves or changes or comes or goes. It simply eternally IS.

–Michael Jeffreys


9 Responses

  1. An excellent post. You deconstruct the mind like a knife through butter

  2. True!….Joe Lopez

  3. Hi Michael

    You say in your last sentence that:

    “Consciousness never moves or changes or comes or goes” but what about when we are asleep or under anaesthetic, because under those circumstances consciousness does move, change and comes and goes…?

  4. Hi Pam,

    When your body sleeps, what is aware or conscious of your dreams? Since the body is “asleep”, it cannot be the body. Yet, you still have an awareness of the dream.

    Also, you say that “consciousness does move,” …where would it go?


  5. Am I right in saying that absolutely everything is being done by the One Consciousness, even though it seems like we are thinking for ourselves and doing things ourselves it is actually the One Consciousness that’s doing all the doing (including “me” asking “you” this question?)

    When you (Michael) are giving us advice and answering our questions on this website is it really just the One Consciousness that’s advising and answering to itself?

  6. Yes, it’s the ONLY thing that’s ever happening, despite appearances. One Ocean appearing as countless waves. If you just remain still, you’ll see that something is still moving/animating life. Another way to think of it is if we all had individual free will, whose will would trump whose? Doesn’t work. That is why the ONE Consciousness is All. A thought can never know this because even thoughts are not aware! YOU, Consciousness, are aware of thoughts. 🙂

  7. To summarize then:
    When we’re thinking, it’s not actually “us” that’s thinking it’s the One Consciousness that is thinking all our thoughts for “us”…….Yes?

  8. Yes, the perception, the act of perceiving, and the perceiver are all thanks to the ONE Consciousness. None are you.There is no “you.” Perceptions come and go, so they can’t be “you.” You = Truth, and Truth never changes or it’s not the truth. Since everything here changes, nothing here can be the Truth. And yet, the Truth is here nonetheless, but you won’t find it in form. It just IS. Form, thoughts, feelings, sensations, come and go. Truth, This, YOU, the Eternal, does not.

    It’s what’s looking out your eyes regardless of whether you are thinking or not. It’s just that when you think, you believe the story your mind is telling you and so your attention is not on what’s presently looking out your eyes. The pure Awareness, prior to any labels. The pure I AM, prior to I AM “this” or “that”

  9. Yay, at last I got it! 🙂 It has been a long hard road trying to understand the One Consciousness but ”I” got there in the end! Thank you so much Michael :)

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