Do You Know Yourself Beyond Form?

beyond form

The mind believes that it/you are the body and thus is attracted to things that it believes will make it/you/the body happy. When you believe the mind, suffering is inevitable, as you are NOT your body (just like you are not your car, although you use it to get around).

Once you know yourself as THAT which the body appears in/to, you are unconcerned with the mind’s never ending attempts at trying to improve things and “get ahead.” The sage understands that LIFE is the true Master, not the thoughts in the head, and so he (although this witnessing presence is neither male nor female) allows the mind to simply do its thing, while silently observing the arising forms from a place of emptiness. A thoughtless state of Pure Being. Pure Love.

Nothing exists without YOU. What is the core ingredient/energy for this moment to exist? YOU! What is Your SOURCE? Do you KNOW it? Have you danced with the Self-illumined LOVE that is HERE right NOW, that has never moved, yet without with nothing could be? Do you know yourself beyond form?

-Michael Jeffreys


5 Responses

  1. Michael, I am amazed to be reading this right now. Please read the post that I just posted earlier tonight. What a beautiful synchronicity. Even our pictures resonate together.
    Much love,
    ~~~S Wave~~~

    • I can’t see S Wave’s post 😦

      Thanks Michael… it is like ACIM!

  2. Nice S Wave!
    You’re right, we are on the same Wave… And I love this:
    “If my Self is boundless, then your Self is boundless.”

    Because I have been saying for the last couple of years at my Santa Monica Eckhart Tolle meetup group, “Don’t you guys understand or intuit, at least intellectually if not experientially, that what is looking out my eyes is the exact same energy that’s looking out your eyes. Not two separate energies, but ONE energy!?” And the people just stare blankly at me, not really knowing what I am talking about!? Ha!

    And yes, interesting how we both choose colors/art painting as our graphic!

    I find myself dropping more and more into the pure observer role… deeping and getting to know the stillness at my center which is Source.

  3. Michael – I think you have great gift for articulating that which can not be articulated.
    Thanks for all of these great blogs. You should write a book – if you haven’t already. Peace

  4. Thank you Endless Seeker! I appreciate the kind words and we’ll see if a book happens! 🙂 -Michael

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