The Now is What’s Left After Everything Else Burns Up

burning heart

Let the fire in your heart burn EVERYTHING away so that there is nothing left. Every thought, feeling, opinion, comment, like, dislike, etc. The whole lot. Until there is absolutely nothing left but this moment.

-Michael Jeffreys

Facebook comment:

Debi: That does take practice for sure.

Michael: Debi… and if you let that thought burn up too? 🙂

Debi: I see, thank you!


One Response

  1. My experience for whatever it’s worth, is that this fire, which Michael refers to, needs no practice. Although with that said, my experience also is that if one is still seeking, then an intense desire for freedom does help. Grace is always available if we are open to it. Self calling the Self, back to Self. Jai Sat Guru!

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