Where is Happiness?

The mind is convinced happiness lies outside us… perhaps in finding our soul mate, or in having a bigger number in our bank account, or if we only lived amongst a group of “like-minded.” I know my mind has certainly thought those things.

But is it true? Can these things really provide us with abiding happiness? No. Everything outside you not only comes and goes, but it doesn’t actually contain any happiness at all! Does a brand new car literally have happiness within it? No. It’s just metal and plastic; thousands of parts made out of inert matter. Nor is your happiness literally inside another person or in numbers on a computer screen.

Then where is happiness?

It’s looking out your eyes. It’s the unchanging awareness or presence that can only be “experienced” when we stop identifying with our thoughts. Because its nature is silent, changeless, and because it was not created by you (which is good news, because it means that you need do nothing to bring it about except notice what is already present!), it’s woefully easy to overlook.

However, when you are fed up and tired of the search, and you are at your wits end, you can find yourself throwing up your hands and screaming, “I give up!” And with the cessation of your incessant seeking, something is revealed: a beautiful, clear silent space. And you suddenly may discover a most unexpected and welcome LOVE that has been there all along… YOU.

-Michael Jeffreys

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  1. So then when we choose to surrender and stop seeking – that’s how we choose happiness. Nice.

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