The Universal Law of Attraction Operates 24/7

The Universal Law of Attraction: That which is like unto itself is drawn. In other words, like attracts like. Positive energy is attracted to positive energy; negative energy is attracted to negative energy. Every thought you send out carries with it an invisible vibration that goes out into the Universe and seeks its twin.

Whatever you think about and focus upon, you get more of. You are a co-creator of your experience whether you know it or not or even believe it or not. Focus ONLY on what you desire to create more of in your life. Again, like attracts like. Energy is attracted to energy that vibrates at the same frequency. You vibrate at a high frequency (love, joy, peace, feeling good) and that is what you will attract more of. This is beyond positive thinking, to positive FEELING.

Always go for what you do want, not for what you don’t want. Want more peace in the world? Don’t be against war, but FOR peace. If you say, “I hate war”, you are, perhaps unknowingly, putting out “hate” vibrations! Instead say, “I am so happy that I attract love, peace and good energy everywhere I go!” And don’t let the mind pull a, “ya but” on you… by pointing out how screwed up the world is. Yes, it is, but it’s there only for contrast: it’s showing you what you don’t want! Now that you know what you don’t want, you can begin creating more of what you do want… starting right now!

-Michael Jeffreys


3 Responses

  1. Just a few questions.
    How can we be co-creators if there is no ‘me’?

    I am still trying to understand, but there seems to be there is an implication of a me and some other.

    I agree there is a flipping of consciousness, but there is only 1 consciousness or awareness.

    I may have answered my own question but I would like your response.

    thanks Paul

  2. I hear you Paul…

    I struggled with this for quite sometime until I realized it was a paradox. From the Absolute perspective, there is no “you” that exists to do anything… (there is ONLY Life). And yet, whatever “you” put your attention on, think about, focus on, you somehow draw that same vibrational energy to you automatically.

    This can only really be seen/experienced when you have no problem embracing both seemingly conflicting concepts. In a sense, you are neither and both. But I can’t tell you exactly how to see this… it can just sort of become obvious to you in a flash of insight. 🙂

    • How do I vibrate like a rich person,I want the freedom and mony a millionaire, lottery winner and so on, haves

      How does a millionaire vibrate ??

      Most importantly, how do I do that..
      Please get back to me

      Mvh Lars Gade

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