The Law of ONE

The law of ONE says that there is nothing that is separate from all that is. So everything you experience is literally an aspect or perspective of the ONE.

Q: “Then why, Michael, do things appear to be so different?” The answer is contained in the question: they only APPEAR different. For example, look at the skin on your arm… every inch contains different colors, marks, freckles, blemishes, scars, surface height (under a microscope the skin looks like a mountain range!), number of hairs, etc., yet it’s still ONE arm.

Everything you see, touch, taste, smell, hear or intuit is ALL an aspect or perspective of the only thing that exists… existence! Another analogy is that regardless of how many hundreds of cable channels your TV receives, they all come from the same cable or Source!

However, the mind’s nature is to divide and judge (just like the TV is designed to break the cable signal into different channels), and so it is not able to truly see/feel/intuit that ALL is ONE.

In order to do this, take a step backward and look at the totality of ALL that IS from the perspective of your soul or higher-self. Going back to my arm analogy, focus on the entire arm rather than in the apparent differences on the surface.

Consciously connecting with your soul/intuition/higher self is what allows you to naturally sense/experience the interconnectedness of all that exists. One diamond, unlimited perspectives or facets. And yet ALL are a part of the WHOLE, including YOU.

-Michael Jeffreys

4 Responses

  1. Michael as always some great thoughts. If you could you might want to review what you wrote as the end of the second paragraph and the beginning of the 3rd don’t come together 🙂
    thanks Paul

    • No need to thank yourself.

  2. Got it. Thanks Paul!

  3. I just have to say that I’m really grateful that I stumbled upon your material…
    I honestly believe that your writing is as concise as it needs to be, and as accurate as possible, so as to induce question marks in the reader’s mind.
    I place emphasis on this because question marks are probably the most beautiful aspect of expressing thoughts through writing. Inducing a question mark in another person’s mind could be as rejuvenating as the concept which provoked it.
    In short, all I have to say is GREAT JOB!!! KEEP IT UP!!!

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