When Inner & Outer are Aligned, there is PEACE


Conflict, fear and turmoil are Life’s way of letting you know that you are out of alignment. (That’s all they mean… they are indicators, nothing more.) Out of alignment with who? Yourself!!! It’s ALL you! As in 100%.

When your inner and outer world are in alignment, the experience is ONE of love, peace and harmony. Many don’t realize that “negative” emotions provide an extremely useful function: they show you where you are off track. The painful “mistake” we make is thinking that WE ARE those “negative” emotions!? And so then the pity party starts and we further “make more solid” exactly what we don’t want!? Is this not insanity!?

Instead, let them serve as “samples” giving you a taste of what you do not want. By doing this they provide useful contrast so you can discover what it is you DO want! Ex: If you drive by a house that is painted with zebra stripes and you think it looks ugly, than congratulations… you now know that a zebra stripped house does not excite you/make you happy! And so you are one step closer to discovering what color house DOES excite you/make you happy!!

From this “enlightened” perspective, suddenly EVERYTHING is seen as being enormously helpful. Ex: “Thank you depression for showing me how I DO NOT wish to feel!” And you naturally find yourself moving in the opposite direction… toward that which you DO wish to experience: UNCONDITIONAL LOVE and ACCEPTANCE for everything (since again, everything is helpful as you are either being shown what you want more of or what you don’t resonate with.)

Every moment (regardless of what the mind may think) you are attracting to you vibrationally whatever you most resonate with. A mirror can only reflect back whatever is put in front of it…

-Michael Jeffreys

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