From Separation to ONEness

There is no separate you, period. ALL is life. Take a step backward… and another…and another, and another, etc. until there’s absolutely nothing left of “you.”

When that buzzing energetic resistance to THIS MOMENT dies, (like the battery is stone dead) suddenly, instantaneously and effortlessly, all that is left is ONEness.

Valerie has beautifully captured in the words below what I am experiencing. (Yaaaa Synergy!!:) ♥

-Michael Jeffreys

“Falling slowly into oneness, the me I know is melting away..
And with that emerges my true self, the spirit of beginning, of ending, of transformation.

I am leaving all that I think I know myself to be behind.
And embrace the feeling of this moment.. Infinity.”

-Valerie Elster

One Response

  1. Great reminder about the importance of oneness. Selflessness. Nothingness. Thanks.

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