Is Not Consciousness Already Fully Awakened?

Is it actually true that Consciousness NEEDS to awaken? Is not Consciousness already fully awake, regardless if it is experiencing a thought that says, “I am confused, lost, and unawakened,” or a thought that says, “I am clear, present, and awake”?

A thought can claim literally ANYTHING you can imagine… BUT, it owes its existence to Consciousness. And so, Consciousness MUST already fully be existing, since without it NO thought could be known! Let this sink in. No Consciousness = No Thought!

Since Consciousness is ALL you have ever known, ANY experience would have to take place “within” Consciousness. Could it be that the simple seeing or noticing of THAT which is already the case: that you are ALREADY inherently and 100% free, be what is referred to as “liberation”?

That YOU are Consciousness and Consciousness is inherently and totally free. Only a thought can believe otherwise. But again, that “disbelieving thought” owes its very existence to that which it claims to be doubting: Consciousness!

-Michael Jeffreys

2 Responses

  1. Conscious is awake. -but are you is the question.

    • YOU and CONSCIOUSNESS are not 2 separate things. 🙂

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