Byron Katie and Loving Your Thoughts

I was listening to an interview with Byron Katie today during my run and she said that one of the things that happened during her awakening, was that she suddenly began to have loving compassion for her THOUGHTS.

Instead of viewing them as “the enemy,” she began to see them much like a mother sees a child who is misguided; with compassion, love and an open heart. And so when a thought arose that said, “I want everyone to like me.” Her response was now a genuinely compassionate: “Of course you do, dear, of course!” It’s amazing what loving your thoughts, versus trying to stop them or change them, will do.

And once she was able to love them as they were (the idea of being “mean” to them suddenly was tantamount to mean to one’s own child!), she was able to see that in fact they were simply one tiny perspective, and not the truth, or the way things “really are.” That no thought was inherently true. And so this is why “questioning every thought” became the core of her teaching, THE WORK.

-Michael Jeffreys

3 Responses

  1. Hi Michael..Your post is right on time..KT’s work has been tremendously helpful as I walk this journey. I’ve heard her talk about this very thing and I appreciate your pointed writing on the topic. A beautiful reminder..thank you (also for your Youtube videos)!


    • Hi Roxanne!
      So glad you enjoyed it/found it helpful! Here’s another sparkly gem from our girl:

      “If you love everything you think, where’s the problem?” –Byron Katie
      Love, Michael

  2. Beautiful 🙂

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