You are Beyond ALL Experiences

You are Beyond ALL experiences and thus nothing has ever touched you, much less harmed you. You are even beyond any thought that thinks that you have been hurt or harmed. Beyond everything leaves no exception. YOU are Beyondness itself. Untouchable, unknowable, yet somehow intuitable.

–Michael Jeffreys

3 Responses

  1. Is it fair to say that ‘I’ am that, which allows all to appear.
    If this is so and I feel as though I experience this. Then why does it not feel any different?

    • How should it feel Irishjack?

      • In whichever way the grand movement of existence happens to appear as a feeling in the moment?
        I know it’s hard to explain this without contradicting myself but I hope you understand. I (the illusion) just expected a peacefulness as has been suggested by some others.

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