Emptiness Dancing

There is ONE Consciousness. It is having an infinite number of experiences. How? By the movement of color. Look around you. Is not EVERYTHING moving colors, to put it simply? Colors move and Consciousness (YOU) tells itself a story about “why” that movement occurred. It’s Lila: the play of LIFE, the play of Light and Sound.

And so as you are reading these black squiggles, a story is forming in you about their meaning. Whatever something “means” to you creates your unique experience of it. But the “experience” is not personal in any way. It’s the ONE pretending to be many. It’s emptiness dancing. And so whatever experience you appear to be experiencing is perfect… it couldn’t be any other way.

If this bothers you, than that is the story that these meaningless squiggles are painting for you. Do you see, you can’t get away from it. The jungle is neutral. Nothing means anything… except whatever story is appearing in you that you are believing. YOUR belief is what is making it seem real. Without the story telling you that something is a certain way, where is your experience of it?

-Michael Jeffreys


4 Responses

  1. there is such incredible power in this

  2. Why is consciousness you?
    How do you know there is only one?

    Is there any empirical proof for this or is it a matter of faith?

  3. Dear StepVheN,

    Empirical proof and even faith are ideas, concepts, in the mind (as is everything, including this Blog!). However, something is aware of every experience you have (or how else would you know about it?). Even the mind is an appearance within you, Consciousness.

    The question of “how” to know this is difficult, just as trying to describe the taste of an apple to someone who has never tasted it. All the words in the world aren’t it, yet one bite and they “get it.”

    However, unlike the apple analogy, you are already formless, impersonal Consciousness (and this is just word… any word is NOT it) and in fact there is nothing you can do to not be it! However, as long as thoughts are still believed in, they cloud the “seeing” of your true nature. When you don’t identify with ANY thought, what remains?

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