If it’s all ONE, than it’s ALL You

Instead of believing that you are separate from God and trying to find or reconnect with “him/her/it,” what if you are God, and the only thing that keeps you from knowing this to be so as your direct experience are believed in thoughts of doubt and insecurity?

When those beliefs are seen thru, only God remains! … untouchable and invulnerable. Beyond perfect. How powerful are you? You breath life into an inanimate thought merely by believing/saying it is so! And you also have the power to stop believing a thought. If it’s all ONE, than it’s ALL You. You playing ALL the roles. There is nothing that is NOT you! Fear arises when you forget that ALL is YOU. And if ALL is YOU, what can harm YOU?

-Michael Jeffreys


2 Responses

  1. “It it’s all ONE then it’s ALL you” – Such a relief!!
    Thanks Michael… Belinda

  2. It is all me. So the feeling that is called fear is also me.
    Let anything arise in me. It’s all me.

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