No one has ever Awakened

Occasionally, I get asked how “I awakened.” First, I didn’t. Nobody has for the simple reason that awakening is the seeing thru of the illusionary doer that 99.9% of humanity takes themselves to be.

That said, all I can tell you is that somehow it hit me very clearly and deeply, as well as energetically (meaning that it is not just an intellectual understanding), that LIFE does ALL. But I can’t tell you how I know that. Suddenly, it just became obvious to me. And since Life does all, if a thought arises that tries to claim it did something all by itself, I somehow know it is dreaming! Like, it suddenly becomes a joke and actually makes me laugh… the mind is pretty funny when you don’t take it too seriously. Furthermore, you seem to understand that even Life made that thought appear! You can’t get around it, Life (God, Source, Universal Intelligence… use any label ya like) has to be first before anything else could be!

-Michael Jeffreys


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