Be in the World, but not of it

Be in the world, but not of it. What does this mean? It means that anything you are attached to in this world will invariably bring you suffering. Why be attached to anything here? You do so because you believe it makes you happy. But, if you look carefully you will see that the happiness does not come from the person, place or thing. It comes from YOU. One person loves something, another hates it. So, it can’t be the object that is the source.

What is the source of true, bullet-proof happiness? A peace and contentment that you can count on and that will never leave you because it’s always where you are? Hint: it is the Source or Power for EVERYTHING in existence. Hint #2: It is closer to you than your next breath. Hint: #3 You already have it (in fact you are it!) so there is nothing you need do to get it. Hint #4: You just need to notice it. Hint:#5: As long as you still have any interest in this world, you probably won’t see it.

-Michael Jeffreys

6 Responses

  1. intense
    but real
    we were just ‘trained’ to seek outside
    We have to reprogram our selves to simply ‘ Be’

  2. Hi Michael,
    ! I am nominating you for the Beautiful Blogger Award. Please see my post of May 16 for instructions on receiving the award:
    ~ Paul

  3. It makes sense 🙂 Please explain me how can people reach to that point.

    Sometimes, it’s not that easy. I give you some examples :

    – If you lose everyone you love, how can you avoid suffering? How can you be happy?
    -When a mother or father is extremely poor that they can’t feed their hungry children, how can they be happy?
    You posted a clip on facebook several times saying “I don’t give a f**k about anything.” Explain me how very poor parents can just be ok and not give a f**k about feeding their children. When people’s basic needs are not met, of course their happiness depends on things from outside such as: food, shelter, safety, etc.
    – Another example: imagine a young guy is in prison for long time, and he is being beaten and raped constantly. How can he be happy?

    Yes, I believe too that life is beautiful and we should not suffer for things outside us, but there are always situations that are too dark and difficult beyond our control.
    Your comment is beautiful and ideal, and I get the meaning of it. I just think it
    can’t be applied to all people and all situations.
    What do you think?
    Thanks Micheal!

    • Hi Bita,
      The short answer is that LIFE is/does all, simply because THAT is ALL there is!!

      To expand a bit: There is no separate me or you here to do or have anything. Taking Life personally is not possible once you realize that a separate personal entity does not exist. It’s a mind-made constructed overlay… and it’s been there for so long that most people aren’t even aware of it. So 99% of humanity is not seeing life as it is, but thru this filter of beliefs and conditioning called “me,” which does not actually exist.

      But don’t take my word for it, have a look for yourself… where is this separate entity called Bita that sees all these so called problems in the world? If you say inside your body or in your head somewhere, that is too vague and allows the dreamed in character to continue to exist. You really have to sit in silence and do this self-inquiry earnestly…. but again, this can only “happen” if Life decides this is what should happen. Life is the doer, not you or me or anyone else. Do you make your lungs breath, your heart beat, your white blood cells fight infection, your eyes see, your ears hear? Did you cause your own birth? (And if not, then at what point did you assume control of your body-mind from life??)

      From the dream perspective “horrible” tragedies appear to happen every minute of everyday, but life doesn’t seem to have a “problem” with any of it, so why should you? But here’s the funny thing, even if you do have a problem with it, that’s fine too! Why? Because that too would be life appearing as you not liking something. See, you can’t get away from it.. Life does, is ALL!

      And as far as that video, “fuck everything,” it is very funny and completely tongue-in-cheek. But most find the title so offensive and make all kinds of assumptions about it without ever having watched it. It’s simply a more extreme, “in your face” expression of the non-attachment that the Buddha taught. Remember, you are in the world, but not of it. To the degree you think you are, you suffer. -Michael

      • Dear Michael,
        Thanks for your response! You make me think and that’s good.

        I am a fan of Eckart Tolle. His book,The Power of Now, saved me from going crazy when my mother who was my best friend was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer 6 years ago at age 58.

        I have many questions, and I think you may have some answers since you are very much into Tolle’s work and other spiritual leaders’ work.

        You said: “Life does it all….” Does that mean we are not in command? Don’t we make right or wrong choices everyday? Does that mean that life has a plan for us and we are nothing?

        I don’t have any problem with the title of that song. It’s just a word. what I meant was that sometimes people should give a fuck. There are some examples up there. “Fuck everything”? How is that possible? I wish it could be possible. From my own personal experience I know when my mother was extremely sick for 18 months and I was taking care of her, I couldn’t say “fuck everything”.
        Have you ever been in crises? If yes, how did you react?

        I learn from your comments eventhough I always come up with questions. I hope you don’t mind:) Thanks again!

  4. Hi Bita,

    You say in your post above “Does this mean that we are not in command?” and I would like to know the answer to this question too! From what I can gather it seems that every thought is being thought for us and everything is being done for us, so in effect we are not in charge (even though it seems that we are). So, if we make a choice about something, it isn’t us that made the choice because it was made for us?

    Have I got this right Michael or am I way off track, because I too have been pondering this question that Bita asks?

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